Publishers Note

By Barbara Nicholson Brown

Before recovery, I was never grateful. It’s impossible to have gratitude with the mind-set of a victim and distorted view of the world. I was a blamer. I blamed every one and every thing as my life was spiraling out of control.  Most of my problems were caused from my alcohol and drug use. Since I was so focused on all the negative, there wasn’t room for much else. Most of us have heard, “Like attracts like,” “We are what we think” …in active addiction…. I lived up to my low opinion of myself. I’m so grateful the madness finally stopped.


Through the sober years, while every day is not what I think it should be or how I want it, I feel and experience gratitude in many ways. It was suggested in early recovery to write a gratitude list daily to change my thinking. While it seemed like a daunting task, when the pen hit the paper, it was amazing to see how blessed I was. I still need to write that list, because my thinking goes off track. When I find myself wrapped up in the world between my ears, it’s chaos and confusion, doom and darkness.


Fear and Faith don’t mix, neither does Fear and Gratitude. I can’t be in both places at once. When gratitude is stronger than any other emotion, I’m in the moment.


During this month of love take a few minutes to write down what you’re grateful for. We need to love ourselves and practice self-care and healing… love comes from within. And love is all there is.

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