In Phoenix, Sally’s Place is a supportive housing program for pregnant women struggling with addiction. The program provides a supportive environment in which women are given the opportunity to parent their newborn. The goal is to re-introduce the woman and her child into the community with safe housing, support, and continued resources.
Sally’s Place is a community with six two-bedroom apartments surrounding a communal courtyard. 24-hour on-site staff provides peace of mind and support for women during their pregnancy and new motherhood. The communal nature of the complex promotes a women-helping-women atmosphere where more experienced mothers can advise and support their peers. The women participate in the Women’s Outpatient Program and have access to all of NCADD’s services including Educational and Vocational training.

Sally’s Place opened in 2015 and was named to honor the work of former NCADD CEO Sally O’Malley Whitten Lara. Since its opening Sally’s Place provided shelter and support to many women and their babies.

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Sally’s Place is open to women who: Are pregnant or have recently given birth, have a mental illness, and are actively working on recovery. For more information visit https://ncadd-phx.or call (602) 264-6214.