By Dr. Dina Evan

“The more we create light and ethical, conscious energy on the planet, the faster it will change everything.”

A. J.Jacobs, wrote a story in 2007, in Esquire called, “I Think You’re Fat.” It was a story about radical honesty. But, mostly, it was a story about telling your truths with a sledge hammer, like the little girl depicted in the story who told the writer his teeth were yellow.

A study with 1000 participants reported the average number of lies told by each person every day is more than 100. It was published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology. The experiment involved hundreds of people revealed the scientists found that 60 percent of all subjects lied within 10 minutes.

Let’s face it! 

We live in a world of liars, mostly led by liars. And now this disease which I believe is contagious and also deadly to our souls and spirit, and it has stolen our sense of safety.
Lying is not a simple matter of fudging a little something here or there or even telling a white lie now and then. This issue of what I call excruciating truth telling is a foundation piece of our character.
If you are not a person who tells the truth, how does one know when you really love a person, or the dish you just prepared? How does one know when you really love that thesis or column your daughter just wrote? How does one know that you really didn’t spend that extra hundred that is missing in the account, and on and on? And, then, it gets really serious. How do we know what our elected officials are doing behind our backs or what other countries are doing behind our backs, and now we are into some pretty important issues that affect the whole world. This is not a little issue!

How do we change it? 

The first thing we do is stop being concerned about going along with the crowd or being popular or even loved. If you are popular or loved because you always tell people what they want to hear, you are not love at all. You are just co-dependent and feeding someone’s ego.

Secondly, we need to stand up for what we believe. People will get angry with you but if you deliver your message with compassion and hear their belief with compassion and an intent to truly understand, that whole dynamic will change. We do not have to believe the same to love, or at the very least, respect each other.

You need to remember that you made the decision to come to this planet to find out who you are and do what you came here to do.

You will never be able to do that if you are afraid to stand in your truth, because telling your truth is exactly what you came here to do. You get to stand out from the crowd. That’s what you came here to do. You get to tell a truth that is different from the crowds. That’s what you came here to do and if you don’t do it — it doesn’t get done. And the biggest loss is that you missed the opportunity to fulfill your purpose and reason for being here.

Let’s face it. . .

This planet is the college of consciousness. It’s to up to you to choose and your choice is life changing. If you choose integrity, you not only fulfill your purpose in coming here, but, you also create a world event within…meaning there is another person in the world, living on purpose and in wisdom and light. Why do we care about that?

Well there are two reasons. The first one is that your entire life is a process of waking up. You leave this planet with the same level or frequency of awareness you have achieved while you are here. And you begin your next life at that same level or frequency, so you can continue to move forward evolving your soul toward enlightenment or you do have that other option of just continuing to mess around.

And the second reason is what Einstein proved, Like energy draws like energy. That means the more we create light and ethical, conscious energy on the planet, the faster it will change everything. Right now we are living exactly what we believe. At this moment we believe in division, greed and separation. We can change that, but the Divine wisdom in the process is that WE must change ourselves first. And when you get scared, just know there is an army of people out here doing the same thing with you.

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