Obviously, the reason in my drinking days was, an alcoholic like me couldn’t leave a drop in the bottom of a glass or bottle, but that’s not what I am talking about here.

From my half empty glass — to my attitude — nothing was very optimistic or positive. I don’t know if it was by chance or choice but I claimed the victim role early on in life. Through my eyes, everyone was against me, my voice wasn’t heard, I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, and list grew as the years went on.

I compared myself to everyone else, always finding fault with my being. Yet, I never challenged myself to do better, study harder or reach a goal. I so desperately wanted to be fixed by someone or something, my solace and comfort was found in behaviors that almost ruined me.

After many years of this tired existence, through the Grace of God and my sister Susan — the cosmic two by four slammed down leading me to sobriety and where I am today. I will celebrate 27 years sober on the 17th day of June to be exact, and that is a miracle.

Getting sober even for a day was never in my plan. A loving Higher Power had a much better option for me, and it is here I want to stay. Always Grateful. Very Blessed and Loved.

Thank you to all who have guided me through the peaks and valleys of this amazing sober life.