When I write these columns, I speak from my heart. I’ve learned to do on my recovery journey.

 I have a box full of coins commemorating my years of sobriety and each and every one of them tells me one important message: Be True to Thyself.

Am I always happy, joyous and free? In all truth, No. Life swings like a pendulum and each day brings its own set of circumstances and challenges. Do I handle them all with perfection and acceptance? I’d be lying if I said I did.

But now more than ever, I know what my true purpose is. The God of my understanding — has shown me the path to take, and it was never anything I could have thought of on my own.

The connection with my Higher Power is the greatest love I have ever known. 

I’m never shamed or slammed; kicked to the curb or under the bus…. And for all my antics while active in my addiction I’ve been forgiven and He loved me through it.

Bill used to say often,  “love people, and trust God.”  He had many words of wisdom and those have stuck with me since he passed.

So when I am true to myself, follow my intuition, attempt to do the next right thing it’s a great day.

When I over extend myself, react to quickly, or expect too much from another human being — that’s where the lessons come in, the stepping back to look at my part and amends — and that too is a pretty great day.
Love is all around every one of us and can be experienced and treasured in a relationship with ourselves. We all are deserving of it. Don’t change to please another person, only change if it enhances your own growth and your love and acceptance of yourself. That is love. 

Happy Valentines!