It seems to be a proven fact when take a moment here and there in our busy lives and think about what we are grateful for – the stress seems to disappear… at least temporarily.
I was taught early in my recovery I can’t be in fear and faith at the same time. Being a fear driven person, at least in my using days… that statement stopped me in my tracks. I discovered when I got out of head and into my heart, and thought about the gifts life has given me – how could I not be grateful? Like many of us who found ourselves in the abyss of addiction — if we are here today, alive and breathing we have much to be thankful for. My sponsor suggested I write a list of everything I was grateful for when I’d call her complaining about how unfair life was.
I still make lists…and being grateful is not just about the good stuff. Difficult as it is I must be grateful for the pain and struggles, because every event, and every person teaches me something, it’s up to me what I do with that information.

In the spirit of gratitude, for the last six years Sierra Tucson has hosted the Annual Gratitude for Giving Breakfast at the Arizona Biltmore which honors professionals in the field of addiction recovery who through their contributions help others find the road to hope.

2013 winners:

From left: Spirit Recognition – David Besst, Hope Recognition- Donese Worden, NMD,
Gratitude Recognition- Dottie DeLugt Collins,Compassion Recognition: Lisa Jane Vargas.

Let’s practice more gratitude this year, are you with me?