The highest and greatest of the human freedoms is to choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Victor Frankel, Man’s Search for Meaning. It’s not the circumstances or challenges of life that define us. it’s our response to life that does.
The concept of Spiritual Freedom grew from Viktor Frankl’s incredible accounts of how some people triumphed emotionally and spiritually over the most horrific circumstances of Auschwitz. Freedom comes from making conscious decisions about who you are, and deciding what is what the nature of your soul and character. If we don’t consciously decide whether we want to be a person of integrity, truth and compassion, we can never be free. Once we do decide, however, we can never be in bondage to anything.
In one snap decision, you can begin to be the person you came here to be. You simply cross the gap. The gap is that pit we get to in our process that seems scary and filled with past experiences which continue to control us and make decisions for us — none of which are in our best interest.

Here’s how to deal with your gap
But first, why bother? It’s simple. When you are conscious, it is not possible to deliberately do things that are not good for you. So let’s go for it. When you get to the gap, to get back in control, the flow looks like this…
The person, circumstance or event that creates fear or anger

Triggers sensory overload/overwhelm over the threshold limit

Pause to identify the feelings in the gap that have been triggered. The majority of them will ALWAYS be from your past.
recognize you are sensory overloaded.

Then we make a choice, either negative, or positive,

Negative choices: To regain control, avoid chaos and get out of fear.

To do that we…
Avoid-Bail-Close down    
Results in depression          

Blow-Expel Energy-Vent
Results in anger
Abuse to self or others

Or you could make a positive choice: and change your internal response to be able to handle life with peace and serenity by reminding yourself you are an adult. As an adult, your tolerance to change, chaos, challenge and triggers is greatly improved and you need not respond in the same way you had to as a child.. These triggers are NOT who you are, they are just triggers from the past which have become your internal map of reality. You are not what is falling apart, your internal view of reality is falling apart and will come back together better and you are evolving to the next level.
 Begin to witness what is happening. Be an objective, curious observer. Decide not to move into any negative response and just watch the process. As soon as you begin looking at the fear, you’ve become bigger than it is and you are back in control, and that leads to positive decisions and …

Conscious Evolution
 The flow of this process is based upon research done by Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe. The importance of it is monumental. Despite all the wonderful electronic, techy, fun gadgets we have and all the luxuries of our era, we are still not happy.   We have not yet achieved peace with ourselves, or each other. Take it from this older but sagey broad, at some point you will understand that there are no answers to achieving freedom out there. All the answers are in you. There is no one that will give it to you, create it for you or insure that you can keep it. Freedom is something that you give yourself through self-mastery, through impeccable integrity and through living in truth. It’s an addiction you can have and we can all support, called waking up.
You don’t need a class or a guru. You just need to breathe the next time you are triggered and remind yourself that the most exciting trip in the world is the one you take to yourself. We wish you every freedom, spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Just create them all. Go ahead.