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Sustainable Recovery

Naltrexone Implants for Opiate Addiction Treatment

Naltrexone Implants for Preventing Opioid Addiction Relapse

Make opiate dependence a thing of the past with help from Sustainable Recovery. We offer a variety of opioid addiction recovery programs including Naltrexone Implants for treating Opiate addiction.  Heroin, Oxycondone, Oxycontin addition treatment through Naltrexone Implants can cure you of your habit and allow you to begin living a more healthy life. Get the best in patient care before, during, and after treatment when you receive your Naltrexone implant from Sustainable Recovery.

Opiate addiction touches almost every American

Naltrexone Implants provide a means fo breaking the addiction by blocking the affects of opioids.  This simple procedure is carried out in a comfortable and professional environment.  We can help you restore your life, and stop the cycle of abuse.   We also offer life coaching to wellness activities. Take advantage of our therapeutic services to help you reduce cravings and focus on personal growth. Call us to schedule your free consultation today.

-Implant Locations Serving Arizona and California

-Break the Cycle of Addiction Today!


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