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Resources for Recovery

  Resources for Recovery: Arizona Addiction Recovery Center Arizona Recovery Organization Arizona Recovery Top 10 Rehabs in Arizona Arizona Office of Problem Gambling Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AZRHA) Aurora Behavioral...

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Happy Hearts Day!

By Dr. Dina Evan   Happy Hearts Day! The jewelry stores have bumped up prices and department stores have brought out their bestselling perfumes, and every department has gone back...

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We Can Do It!

By Dina Evan, PhD   Thank heavens, we are leaving a year of drama, chaos, crime, violence, earthquakes, lava spills, world-wide massive demonstrations, wars, outrageous rising prices, epidemics, floods, the...

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Boo in the Night

By Dr. Dina Evan   It seems as if it’s Halloween every day lately, there’s always the next thing to be worried and scared about. Whether it’s interest rates, housing...

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