By Barbara Nicholson Brown


We have a choice on where we focus our attention, even with the chaos we have faced in 2020. These tumultuous times can easily wrap us up in negativity and fear. So now more than ever, I need reminders, big and small… there is plenty to be grateful for.

When I was active in my addictions, being grateful never entered my thoughts — mostly because I was a blamer. I never wanted to take any responsibility for my behaviors or their consequences. It was much easier and familiar to look at the outside, never my insides. Addiction hijacked my conscience, integrity and morality. 

For the last thirty years, with a solid commitment to staying sober — being in gratitude is the safest place for me to be.

 I have to focus on what I have, not what I want. And in the big picture, I’ve finally learned life is not all about me, though I fall into that trap here and there, I don’t stay in it as long.

I need gratitude and thanksgiving daily, without it I’m lost and empty. Take a few moments and think about all you’re grateful for and have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.


A very special thank you to Kyle Penniman of Stonewall Institute for our feature interview this month and to all who contributed to this edition of Together AZ.