For the last six weeks or so we’ve been stopped in our tracks, which now feels like forever. What we knew previously is evolving into “the new normal,” and we won’t quite know what that will be until we open up our state again. Everything has changed. The effects of the coronavirus has been difficult to adjust to. 

Is the Universe telling us it is time to re-balance, re-focus and re-evaluate what is really important?

As human beings we need interaction and personal connection. After the first few weeks of sheltering in place it all become surreal. It isn’t the same seeing friends, families and colleagues via a screen, but it has helped ease the sense of isolation and fear.

For those of us in recovery, we had to find new ways to maintain our sobriety. From support meetings via Zoom, therapy and treatment sessions via telehealth, to more phone calls and texts, we continued to support each other.  

And, during this time of uncertainty, I’ve had to remind myself everyday to stay grateful. To date  I’ve not been sick, no one I know has lost their life to the virus, my friends and family are safe and a call away, and I can’t plan too far ahead. I’ve stayed sober, because nothing means more to me. 

When we are finally able to go about our business, it WILL be different. I hope, collectively we emerge from this, kinder, more compassionate people. Let’s honor each other and our lives more than we have in the past, life is too short. Use the recovery resources we offer, such as AA, NA or drug rehabs. There’s plenty of information on this site!

It’s time to capture the best of what we have today. Stay safe, sober and connected.  Love, Barb