Every once in a while, the Universe gives us an opportunity to wake up. You know what I mean. It’s that moment when someone says a truth so profound, it travels directly to your soul and shudders through your entire body on impact. It’s as if the Universe, God, Spirit, whatever you call it, has picked you up and is shaking reason into you with a mighty reverberating WAKE UP!

We are going to lose a lot of people who will die with this virus. As you read that sentence what do you feel? Do you realize we are talking about someone’s mother or son, daughter or spouse of 50 years? Do you understand that person’s family will never be able to see them to say good bye? I am not asking these questions to bring you down, scare you or make you depressed. I am asking because this is a holy moment. A moment when you have time to tell those you love how much you love them. It’s a time to show up in a meaningful way for someone you may not even know.

It’s a time when you have the opportunity to tell someone you lied to, the truth. It’s a chance to make that wrong that has been making you want to drink or use, right and get it off your back. It’s the time to wake us and inventory our own level of vulnerability, integrity, truth-telling and compassion. In essence, it’s a time of doing the work, spiritually that you came here to do, with the people YOU chose to do it with. And, it’s a time of giving yourself permission to really be who you came here to be.

You see until now, we have been letting everyone else decide who we will be as a country, as a person in recovery, as a leader, employee or employer, as a friend, as an adult daughter or son, as a lover or partner. We have just been going along adding to our bank accounts and our egos, thinking we had forever to spiritually grow up. Well, guess what? Forever is here now and this is the holy moment in which we get to ask what am I here for and who shall I be. This is the moment for an integrity inventory.

Shall I stand in fear and do nothing or will I ask who needs help? Will I make sure the elderly woman at the end of the block has groceries or will I pretend not to see her? Will I pile twenty-five packages of toilet paper in to my cart or will I share with the guy in front of me who went to an empty shelf?  Will I call someone I know might need comfort or will I whine and wonder why no one has called me? 

This is our moment and I say our moment because we have been treading water, floating in the pool of life not caring about what was going on outside of our little world. But, in THIS moment, every one of us is being called to wake up, care for each other and begin to put our priorities in order. There are only a few things we take with us with we begin a new life; our principles, our integrity, our compassion, empathy and our purpose.  All of those are interest bearing…just a different kind of interest. It’s our soul work and we really do want to get an “A” while we are here because this is planet is the school of consciousness. That’s why we came here. So what could be more important than being on purpose and being you true self?

Close your eyes for a minute and think about what you wanted to do when you grew up. Are you doing it? Think about what changes you wanted to make in this world. Are you making them? Think about the kind of person you wanted to become. Are you being that person?  No regret. No shame. Look around, most of us are not being who we really want to be. But, that is exactly why this is a holy moment. We still have time!

So since we will are in our houses for a bit, let’s clean our spiritual house. Get a paper and pencil and sit down with another chair right beside you and have a heart to heart imagining that spirit of yours sitting in that chair. Ask them…

* Am I being who I came here to be? Most of us will get a “no” answer so no regrets or shame please. This is just a learning process.

* What do I need to do or change? Listen to what your spirit says. It may be something small or large.  However, it will not be something you can’t do.

Don’t rush. Sit long enough that you hear from your vice of wisdom at least five things you can do, or do differently, to become more enlightened. When you have the list, just get quiet and hold it up to your forehead between your hands and say to yourself, “This is who I came here to be and I now commit with heart and spirit to be who I really am, now.”

 I am offering free 15-minute support sessions to anyone who needs support so please go to my site DrDinaEvan.com and get the phone number and feel free to call me if you get stuck. I will have your back, no judgment or pressure. I just want to support you in being enlightened and passing your gifts along. That’s how we win this and every other battle. You loved and we are here for you.