In the midst of this health crisis we all know the common-sense measures involved in keeping our selves and our loved ones safe. 

But this virus is not an excuse to become complacent on our recovery journey. Meetings and support groups are being held online. Treatment and therapy facilities are offering clients options through Telehealth, Teletherapy, Skype, Zoom and of course phone and text.

We must stay connected to others for support. Isolation is a dangerous neighborhood for any addict or alcoholic. Take this time to activate your creative juices.  Dust off that journal, catch up on reading, meditate, take a walk. Breathe in the spring air, take a brisk walk, play with your kids. 

Putting off your step work? Now is an opportune time to get the task done, write a little each day, set a goal for when you want it finished and ready to share with someone you trust. Panic and fear helps no one. Follow the guidelines given by our public health authorities. We must keep ourselves and our recovery community safe and sober. We will get to the other side of this, stronger, closer and kinder.

Thank You Healers

To everyone in the field of addiction recovery and mental health who are helping others in their time of need….. you are the heroes and healers and we are most grateful.

A Special Thank You to Dr. Tian Dayton and The Meadows for their permission to feature Maintaining Your Emotional Immunity During Covid-19