Who needs sober inspiration every single day? We all need to get used to the new life of sobriety. It’s not easy when you first get sober, the only sober inspiration you need is not feel so horrible. Just the idea of shakes and withdrawals being over and having a clear head sounds like heaven. It seems impossible to get sober,  it’s an incredible goal once it’s achieved. But…what about the happily ever after?

30, 60, 90 days later, things change and finding some sober inspiration is critical 

Suddenly being sober isn’t such a miracle. The pink cloud, if you ever even had one, has floated away and life and life’s problem have returned and you may not yet have the tools and coping skills to navigate safely through. 

This is when inspiration becomes your friend 

Anyone who has gotten sober has had moments where they needed sober inspiration. Some people need it on a daily basis. For that reason, remember why you started or where you’re headed becomes imperative. 

A shortlist of things to remember when you’re just not feeling sobriety.

What was life like when you used? 

What will it be like if you use it again? Most people don’t get sober because drinking or drugging was improving their life. Because it certainly wasn’t improving mine. Remember what drinking and drugging did to your life. Remember how you felt when you realized you needed to get sober. Remember the looks on the faces of people you disappointed. Think about what it will be like in a day, a week, a month and what it will take to get back. If you do make it back. So, take a minute to pause and think past the f*ckits. 

Think about what you want. 

How much farther will you be from that goal if you ditch sobriety? What’s your vision for your life? If you don’t know, figure it out because it will help keep you sober. It helped me to always be working towards my goals, even when it wasn’t going well. I’d get discouraged sometimes, but I never lost hope and that made all the difference. 

Do you feel better?

Do you wake up feeling even happy some days? You won’t for long if you relapse. Weigh in your mind what it would be like to detox again or lose your mental health. Or just spend days coming down or being hungover from whatever substances got used to making you feel high or drunk. 

What about your loved ones?

 They say you have to get sober for yourself but never forget all the people who would be hurt if you went back to those old bad habits. Think about your family, friends, a sober community, a professional community. There came a moment for me when I had to take all this recovery stuff seriously because I had to grow up. I had responsibilities and I wanted to show up for them. For me, when I thoroughly followed the path, it worked. 

Got a pet?

Discuss it with them. Tell that furry loved one what you want to do and let them tell you what they want you to do. Sometimes animals have a funny way of getting through if you give them the chance. 

If these don’t strike a chord for you make your own list of sober inspiration 

The important thing is to find things outside yourself to focus on when times are tough. IT’s in the mind where we get turned around sometimes, especially if our wiring isn’t shatterproof. 

(Source: reachoutrecovery.com)