There are many teens who think drinking is considered cool. How can teens turn down a drink when everyone else seems to be doing it? 

Teen years can be difficult as there are so many issues associated with growing up. Issues include learning to separate from parents, relationships with peers, school, extracurricular activities, dating, sexual pressures, and pressure to drink and drug. As alcohol is the most commonly used substance for adolescents and teens, looking for ways to refuse drinking is important.

Best ways to avoid drinking

  • Hang out with friends who don’t drink
  • Leave the situation when drinking starts
  • Refuse the alcohol – no excuses needed. If your friends are true friends, they will respect your boundaries. They may test you for a while, but will give up if you continue to say no.

Reasons not to drink 

  • Your parents will ground you forever
  • Your parents smell your breath or will give you a breathalyzer when you get home
  • Drinking is against your own beliefs and values
  • You’re worried about legal charges such as a minor in possession charge or drunk-driving charge
  • You are on medication that makes drinking impossible
  • Your privileges at home will be denied such as being banned from using the car or no use of your phone
  • You don’t like the taste of alcohol
  • There is alcoholism in the family
  • You’re allergic to alcohol (including gluten)
  • Your religious/spiritual beliefs do not support drinking
  • Your family upbringing is one of no alcohol use and you honor this
  • You’re on a sports team and can’t drink
  • You are focusing on school and getting into a good college
  • You are afraid of doing stupid things when you drink
  • You believe in a healthy lifestyle which includes no alcohol

Resist the pressure to drink and you will avoid dangerous and unhealthy situations.