Scottsdale Recovery Center is now in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Many private substance treatment facilities have faced challenges in building partnerships with insurance companies. SRC is now partnered to BCBS and accepting individuals who are members of the large provider.The main types of insurance coverage offered by BCBS are HMO and PPO. On top of HMO and PPO based insurance plans, BCBS offers several tiers of coverage. The four different tiers of insurance coverage include a bronze, a silver, gold or a platinum plan.The HMO plan prefers members to stay in network with BCBS when getting care. For a health care provider to be ‘in network’, he or she must be contracted with BCBS in order to provide any services at rates that are discounted. All treatment facilities must meet BCBS’s stringent program requirements and bi-laws in order to become an In-Network Provider, including advanced quality of care criteria that ensures the best treatment possible. Scottsdale Recovery Center has met all expectations and requirements to fall within this category.

SRC believes in helping people get sober while ensuring the least possible financial expense to our clients and their families. At Scottsdale Recovery Center, our intensive outpatient program is covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans. Intensive outpatient treatment is an important part of an individual’s success in recovery. Visit or call 866-893-4806.

7th Annual VA Mental Health Summit

Thursday, August 15 at Gateway Community College – 108 N. 40th St, Phoenix. The Phoenix VA Health Care System, Mercy Care and the Arizona Coalition for Military Families are pleased to invite key stakeholders from military, tribal, government and community organizations to participate in a Community Mental Health Summit focused on strengthening cross-sector collaboration and care for Service Members, Veterans and their Families.Please RSVP online no later than August 9. We encourage early registration and appreciate being notified of any cancellations or changes as soon as possible. CEUs available

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