Teach, Model, Listen

Let them know gambling isn’t a way to make easy money. “Professional poker player” is about as likely as a career as an NFL player.

Teach them about odds.

Teach them the serious consequences of problem gambling.

Look for a time to bring up the topic naturally. Bring it up when running across a poker show on TV, or finding out that a friend or family member has won or lost money gambling.

When you talk to your kids about drugs or alcohol, include problem gambling in “the conversation.”

Convey to your kids the role of gambling in your own life.

If you choose to gamble, make sure it is from a conscious, informed position. Share the guidelines you observe when you gamble 

Ask questions and listen.

Be patient.

Don’t know what to say or how to say it?

Visit the Parent, the Anti-Drug’s website for practical, ready-to-use tips on talking with your teen.

For free confidential information and referral regarding a gambling problem, call 1.800.NEXT.STEP (1.800.639.8783) or www.problemgambling.az.gov