It’s a New Year and time to draw new boundaries and realize it really doesn’t matter much what anyone else is doing. What matters is who WE are being and what WE are doing! This past few years has given many of us an excuse for not stepping into our power or defining our own character. We have filled our time with blaming everyone else. That has to stop!


Being conscious means….

We are aware in any given moment of the potency of our next action or word. We are aware — what we say and do makes a difference regardless of what is expected, or what seems to be appropriate to others. We stand up for what is right, we speak the truth and work to remove the places in our heart that are still closed to compassion.


The piece we have not understood is the gift of this era and these are the gifts to our own soul. The issues of this time are pushing us forward into greater consciousness. And that’s amazing!


Effective and loving right action comes from that silent place in the heart where we are connected to something greater than ourselves, something which gives us the bigger perspective that what we do and who we are is everything. Every decision and action is a world event, because it changes the world’s energy in your space forever.


Endless drama and noise are the deliberate tools used by the unconscious because they prevent us from thinking clearly and we become over- whelmed and over stimulated. Now is the time to feed your heart and mind only that which enhances your level of consciousness and adds peace to your environment.


When there is confusion or chaos, step back and know it’s not about you, nor is it yours to fix. Just be still and create the peace you desire because that is stronger and more powerful than any chaos — and ultimately will bring conditions back into alignment with Spirit.


In the same way your hand is part of your body, you are part of the spiri- tual energy in the Universe. The hand doesn’t brag it is part of the body, nor does it act independently of the body. It works with the rest of the system in the same way we want to work with the Universe; free from ego or selfishness and just with humility and gratitude. The power in that is immense because the moment you are able to do that, you in effect disconnect from being controlled by what’s happening “out there” and are being divinely guided by what’s in here. It’s no accident you picked up this paper. It’s no accident you went to a meeting, or had that unexpected conversation about this very topic recently. The people who have the capacity and heart condition to change the world are now getting the tools they need to do exactly that. There are videos and exercises and a ton of tools you can download from my site DrDinaEvan. com for free. You can also call or email me with questions or for support. Why have we created these and why are you seeing things like this everywhere? Because YOU are supposed to do something with them. What? Learn about them. Share them.’ Begin to practice the principles and become the conscious person you came here to be. I don’t care what you have done in your past. Nothing in your past matters. What you do starting today does. And the question forever on my heart and mind is, Am I doing what I came here to do and being who I came here to be? I ask myself that question every day because if I am not…what is the point? In the still place of your own heart, ask yourself that, because now you have the tools and information and support you need to be able to say yes.


Sit quietly for a minute and close your eyes. Imagine all the cords you have connected to the news and release them. Just gently, with your imaginary hand, reach up and let them go. Imagine all the cords you have connected to those whose approval you want or think you need, and release them. Take a minute to see who else or what else you have attached yourself to, to make you feel safe and let it all go. Release the cords about fear with finances or anything else, just let the cords go. Then sit quietly for a minute to see how it feels to be free of all those burdens to be someone you are not. This is your year, our year.


Barbara and I and every writer here, is only here for you out of love. Don’t waste this moment. If you understood what I have said in this article you have a calling and that calling is to do what you came here to do and be who you came here to be and we are all behind you! Happy New Year and happy new beginning!