by Dr. Dina Evan

The “Occupations” line in heaven gets pretty long. Folks in line anxiously anticipating. Will I be a banker, a magazine editor, a hair stylist or a therapist? Perhaps I’ll get to be an artist or an actor. How do you feel about the assignment you got? Are you feeling fulfilled, as if you are doing what your heart and soul want to do? You are right, of course, it doesn’t work like that. However, the real problem is most of us still don’t get how it does work…so, here’s the secret.

Continuous school?

This planet is a school, a consciousness school. And no one gives you your assignment, because, your assignment is, you come here to discover yourself, your true self. The classrooms here are not in buildings. They are in every challenge and circumstance we create in our lives.
We discover who we are by how we deal with those challenges and/or blessings. We discover what we came here to do by knowing ourselves well enough to know what breaks our heart open with pain, and makes us want to changes things for the better, and/or what fills us with a deep sense of satisfaction — because we are being a role model, a change maker for what is right and good in the world.

And your teachers are sitting right across from you. The teachers here are all the people you call into your life. They are your master teachers, teaching you tolerance, kindness, compassion forgiveness and love. They reflect back to you your needs for being right, needing control, admiration, safety and your ability to understand, stay present and stand in your integrity and values.
A million times in every lifetime we get the opportunity to opt for what we think is safety, the status quo, or we get to choose to create what I call a ‘holy moment’, by pushing our soul forward and standing in our integrity, speaking the truth, stopping the misuse of power or simply being real and honest.

It’s all about being on purpose, by being authentically who you are and doing what you came here to do. If you are bored, miserable, feeling unmotivated or disappointed with yourself or your life, then it’s simply because you are not living your life with purpose.
You are missing the fact that YOUR courageous spirit brought you here to fulfill your purpose and stand in your integrity. Pretty amazing right? And, if you are awake and you realize what an incredible gift this experience is, then you are on the path to enlightenment.
Enlightenment is what all this leads you to, in fact, it’s the whole point.

So the real question is…

Who are you are and are you doing what you came here to do? That is a question each of us ought to be asking ourselves every morning before we even leave the house.

Now don’t start to feel overwhelmed. It may not be your purpose to start a movement or lead a parade or run for congress. However, it may be your purpose to tell that truth you’ve been hiding, perhaps even from yourself, and get it healed. Or, it may be you want to reconsider the judgment you just made about that person sitting in the corner and ask yourself where that came from and what fear in you created it.

Becoming enlightened and living on purpose does not require some grandiose act or gesture on your part. It simply means you have the courage to start to explore where in your life are you not living your values, or what you say you believe in and your truths. It means you take a deep breath and get back into alignment with who you really are at a soul level. Or, you do the work to figure out what is preventing you from being your true self.

Think for a minute what the world would be like if we were all living our values and our deepest beliefs. That’s why I say when you change and are living on purpose, a world event takes place because your part of the world is now vibrating in alignment with all that is good and spiritually aligned again.

For those of you who want to join me in this journey of getting on purpose and being who we really are, I have created a series of YouTube presentations with the tools you need to support your journey. Go to and you will find a link to take you to the presentations. They are free and come with some exercises and other tools to help as well.

If your answer to the question, Who are you are and are you doing what you came here to do, is I don’t know yet, and you’d like a different more empowering answer for yourself, then please come join us as we discover our real purpose and the joy in that discovery together.

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