Last fall the #metoo movement opened the floodgates on sexual harassment and other despicable acts that have happened for eons — but gone unmentioned in such a mainstream way, until recently. Today, as I write this, actor, Bill Cosby was found guilty for his actions against many women. When I heard the verdict, I won’t apologize — I was glad to hear it. 

I want to express my gratitude to Suzanne Berndt – MC, LAC, MHSA and Dr. Marcus Earle of PCS (Psychological Counseling Services) whom I met with about writing this article. I had no intention on sharing my personal experience with them, yet it emerged in our conversation. Not only did I feel safe as the story unfolded, their office walls were filled compassion, understanding and listening. In their line of work, they help clients with these issues every day overcome sexual related trauma and addiction. 

As I left our meeting I felt a bit spacey, but thought, “Why Not? Why not be as open with this thread of your story as you are with your recovery? Why not share it?” Together AZ is about discovery and recovery, for ourselves and those we care about. 

And here’s what I propose to you. Let’s keep the dialog open. If you are willing to share your story we welcome hearing from you. If you have questions or concerns on something that might be happening in your life right now, please do not stay silent. Reach out to me at [email protected], or call PCS at 480-947-5739 for professional help. 

Let’s hold our heads high and move forward in our recovery 
together. Let’s be a “We.”