By Tracy Smith
This recovery month was a bit strange for me. You see last year my calendar was full of events and rallies that I often traveled to and attended. This year I took a backseat and instead, in a different role of advocacy, I worked long hours with clients and organizations to place speakers throughout the country to inspire change.
I missed the PRO-ACT walk and the SAMHSA Press Club and Luncheon, and other key events that I would have really liked to attend— but the conversations, emails and voice mails I received reminded me there are all different positions in a marching army of advocacy. I realized from listening to these calls and messages — that the impact of my new role — to sit quietly and put new captains out front — was not only the right strategy — it was exactly as all was meant to be and incredibly satisfying. 
Yes, I realized, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.
It also made me reflect and realize advocacy can be done in so many different ways. There are individuals quietly writing letters and making phone calls who you never see on social media but they’re out there and they care. There are socially responsible businesses that donate and support important causes and host speakers to educate their audiences. There are individuals writing and developing new training to assist those in recovery. In a remote part of the country, in a quiet community there are meetings around a kitchen table discussing better supports and programs for individuals. There are counselors who go late into the night motivating another on a call they chose to answer. So many quiet foot soldiers we may never ever see or hear are doing amazing work along side loud captains who are very visible.
To our army marching along, loud or quiet, known or unknown — I want to thank you all for your efforts to promote recovery and understanding! Remember, we are all in this together — to inspire change!
Tracy Smith is a Public Speaker. She is the Founder and Owner of a national speaker bureau dedicated to inspiring change. Her agency, Speakers for Change, offers a roster of social responsibility. If you would like to hear more about solutions to the current opioid and prescription drug epidemic from impactful speakers who understand the power of their words and want to inspire change, please contact t[email protected]