Together AZ has always been on the side of prevention, hope and recovery. While this publication has never taken a political stance and has remained neutral — times are changing.
The more I’ve learned about the recreational marijuana issue on our ballot this November, the more I cringe and become frightened of what passing this will do — not only our State, but our children, teens, and community at large.

The pot of today is not the pot of yesteryear. It is a chemical nightmare. 
Yes, back in 70’s and 80’s I used it—why? Because I wanted to be part of the in group, the rebels, the anti-crowd, the defiant ones. I am not saying my indulgence in marijuana took me to the depths of addiction, or was the cause.
Once alcohol was in my system, and my defenses were low, I was willing to try the next drug available, and many times it was marijuana, which led to_______, which led to_______, and the list could go on.
These destructive behaviors were ongoing and extremely detrimental to my emotional and academic growth. Getting high was all that mattered, really. I am one of the lucky ones who escaped a deeper plunge — the abyss where there is no turning back. What I am asking you is:  please do your homework on Proposition 205 before making a decision. Otherwise, what are we in for?

Prop 205 Endangers Arizona Kids

45% of the marijuana products sold in Colorado are edibles – accessible and attractive to kids.
Accidental ingestion by youth has increased by 600% in marijuana-friendly states.
Colorado’s teen marijuana use is now 74% higher than the national average.

Prop 205 Causes Major Public Safety Risks

Under Prop 205, Arizona’s authorities are prohibited from ever imposing a THC limit for impaired drivers.
Prop 205 prohibits almost all cities and towns in Arizona from banning marijuana operations in our communities.
Prop 205 allows HOME GROWS which authorities in CO found virtually impossible to regulate. Citizens are using the law as a way to break the law.

Prop 205 Protects Marijuana Special Interests

Prop 205 creates a monopoly – a select few will get rich while taxpayers pick up cost of prevention, treatment, accidents and lost potential in our youth.

The Colorado Experiment is a Disaster

Colorado YOUTH now rank #1 in the nation for marijuana use.
Colorado marijuana-related traffic deaths increased 62% since legalization.
Crime, homelessness, and drug cartel activity have all increased in CO since legalization.

Voter Protection Act:

Arizona’s Voter Protection Act means if Prop 205 passes, there is virtually NO TURNING BACK. The Governor cannot veto it and the legislature cannot repeal it.
Visit Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy in Opposition to Prop 205