How to participate

Help reach the goal to get 22 Million pushups – To honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment. Every pushup counts so don’t be shy to show your support for our veterans. You can do as many or few pushups as you can or choose. Whether it’s 1 or 100 in a row, we will accept them however they come. They can be assisted (on your knees), incline (on a desk/wall), or if you physically are unable to do any, we’ll even take air pushups. 
They all count towards the goal as long as you follow the instructions below.
1. Record a video of yourself doing the pushups In the beginning of the video, make an introduction stating: Your NAME (and name of any organization that you may want to represent) WHY are you pushing or WHO are you are pushing for? Example intro: “Hi my name is Curtis Granderson, outfielder for the NY Mets, 3 time All Star, and founder of Grand Kids Foundation helping youth development through education and fitness. I’m about to do my 22 pushups for 22Kill, to honor those who serve.”

2. Upload the video directly on our Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram
3. Add the hashtags “#” in your post! #(insert number here)pushups #22KILL
Add these two hashtags into your “public” post on Facebook /Twitter/Instagram/ or in the video title on YouTube. Examples:facebook post, Youtube post, Instagram post, Twitter post.
For 5 pushups you would enter: “#5pushups for #22KILL”
22 pushups enter: “#22pushups for #22KILL”
If a group of 10 people that did 22 each: “#220pushups for #22KILL“
*Make sure you set your post to a “public” setting so that our counter can pick it up!
4. Post it!
Things you can do:
Do the pushups by yourself
Get a group together to do the pushups; companies, sports teams, schools, etc.
Be creative; Use unique settings, styles, props, etc. Include whatever or whomever you want.
Post as many videos as frequently as you’d like, as long as they are not duplicates and you follow the same rules/guidelines for each video.

Veteran Crisis Hotline

For veterans and families in an immediate crisis, please call 1-800-273-8255 and Press “1”, or send a text message to 838255. You can also chat with someone online through
These are the people who care and want to listen if you reach out. It is never too late. Even when you feel that you are at your absolute lowest, there is always hope. Please don’t give up. We are all here for you, we love you, and we care.
If you just feel like you want someone to talk to, you can connect with a battle buddy in your area or anywhere around the country by searching below. These are people just like you and me who support you and want to listen. No judgment is passed.
22KILL is a global movement bridging the gap between veterans and civilians to build a community of support. 22KILL works to raise awareness to the suicide epidemic that is plaguing our country, and educate the public on mental health issues such as PTS.
Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. started the #22KILL movement in 2013 after learning about the staggering statistic that an average of 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day.  #22KILL is a platform to raise awareness not just towards veteran suicide, but also to the mental health issues that can lead to suicide.
For more information please visit